New GNSS Monitoring Sensor

NavStar’s GMS600 is a compact, high precision GPS/GNSS sensor that provides accurate three-dimensional displacement and tilt measurements for deformation monitoring.

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NavStar has released a new range of sensors that provide major benefits when compared to the conventional monitoring hardware.

GeoExplorer's Advanced Reports Option allow you to present that information on customized templates that can easily be updated, reproduced and shared.

The NavStar VWL600 is a compact, ultra-low power, 8 channel vibrating wire reader for use with VW piezometers.

Our new GroundProbe Module seamlessly synchronizes radar data and alarms from GroundProbe’s SSR-Viewer software.

GeoExplorer's Prism Monitoring system has been successfully installed at the I-65 Bridge Project near Lafayette Indiana.

InSAR is a powerful technology for monitoring deformation over a large area with high precision.

With the release of our GMS300X series GPS units we have added mesh networking capabilities.

NavStar is pleased to announce that we have opened an office in the United Kingdom.